Jimi Hendrixがミュージックシーンで脚光を浴びていた1967年、時を同じくしてワウペダルはこの頃に開発されました。
JHM9はJimi Hendrixが実際に使用していたワウペダル(Thomas Organ社のデザインのもとJENが製作したイタリア製のもの)のサウンドを忠実に再現しながら、通常のCry Babyのおよそ半分のサイズの筐体に収めました。紛れもなくUp From the Sky, Voodoo Child (Slight Return), Little Miss Lover, Still Raining, Still Dreaming等の楽曲で聴く事ができるあのワウ・サウンドです。

■電源 : 006P/9V乾電池またはACアダプター
■型番 : JHM9

The wah-wah pedal was just invented when Jimi Hendrix burst on the scene in 1967, but he quickly came to rely on his wah to deliver a stunning array of tones. And to this day, few players' names are more synonymous with killer wah leads and wicked, wah-driven syncopated rhythms.

The wah pedal that Hendrix used was a '60s design by the Thomas Organ Company and manufactured by JEN in Italy-the unmistakable wah tone heard on Hendrix classics like Up From the Sky, Voodoo Child (Slight Return), Little Miss Lover and Still Raining, Still Dreaming.

This pedal is crafted to deliver the same dynamic tonal sweep of that original wah, and it comes in at half the footprint of a standard wah pedal with a classy chrome top rocker and black gator base.

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